What backpack do you need to go travel or Gym or Yoga?

There are too many backpacks to choose from?

The problem many first time travellers face is there are too many options. Endless feature lists, pages of choices. Amazingly, companies that are trying to make sales online rarely tell you how to choose the right backpack, they just flood you with options and let you figure it out for yourself…

2 months later you find yourself in monsoon season hiking through the jungles of Borneo and realise that the heavy wheeled backpack, that was going to be so much more convenient than carrying a hiking pack, just doesn’t roll through mud. It’s an extreme example, I know. What is more common is simply that first time backpackers get something that is ok for their trip but not ideal for them personally.

So, lets start narrowing down the options.

So, which type of backpacker are you?

Backpacks for travelling fall into 4 basic categories. The type you need depends on your personal travel style. Once you identify the type of traveller you are then you can narrow down your backpack choices and find your perfect backpack easily!